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Alchemists com multi-media art web site by Al Razutis

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Holographic applications for theatre display and cinema 2015 projects by Al Razutis, project lead


Holographics for Theater, Cinema and commercial displays:

Current projects - Al Razutis Project Lead and Designer/Engineer - features holographic imaging for applications to theater stagecraft / content, cinema and stand-alone commercial displays. The project development includes pulsed laser and live subject holography, and image projection systems designed by Razutis. This project will result in a portable stand-alone holographic projection system with various hybrid elements suitable for specific display applications.
> Holographic projects page

Media - Subjects and Illustrated Catalogs of works by Al Razutis - Visual Alchemy:

Holographic art by Al Razutis
Stereoscopic 3D video art works and services

Avant-garde films by Al Razutis
West-Coast Artists in Light by Al Razutis
Writings, essays, manifestos on art by Al Razutis

Virtual Reality and Interactive avatars on the web by Al Razutis

Al Razutis Artist Bio - Links <<         >> Al Razutis Bio Brief

Web-content / Desktop Screen

Visual Alchemy Art Site - avant-garde & multi-media art by Al Razutis (Resume - Summary)

Holographic Art / Display      Stereo 3D Film Art / Services       Exhibitions - Projects       Client Services 3D - VR

For custom multi-media content creation - 2D or 3D - including virtual worlds SR avatars and holographics - contact: > Al Razutis

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