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Alchemists com multi-media art web site by Al Razutis

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Media - Subjects and Illustrated Catalogs of works by Al Razutis - Visual Alchemy (Studio Web Pages):

4D Holographic art by Al Razutis
Stereoscopic 3D video art works and services

Avant-garde films by Al Razutis
West-Coast Artists in Light by Al Razutis
Writings, essays, manifestos on art by Al Razutis

Virtual Reality and Interactive avatars on the web by Al Razutis
Holographic applications for theatre display and cinema 2015 projects by Al Razutis, project lead


4D Motion-picture Holographics for Theater, Cinema and commercial displays:

Al Razutis Project Lead and Designer/Engineer - Project features motion-picture holographic imaging for applications to theater stagecraft / content, cinema and stand-alone commercial displays. The project development includes pulsed laser and live subject holography, and image projection systems designed by Razutis. This project will result in a portable stand-alone holographic projection system with various hybrid elements suitable for specific display applications.
> Holographic projects page

Al Razutis Artist Bio - Links <<         >> Al Razutis Bio Brief

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Holographic Art & Projection Display      Stereo 3D Film Art & Services       Exhibitions - Projects       Client Services 3D - VR

For custom multi-media content creation - 2D or 3D - including virtual worlds SR avatars and holographics - contact: > Al Razutis

Art & Archives for Desktop Screens

Visual Alchemy Art Site - avant-garde & multi-media art by Al Razutis (Resume - Summary)

B 2 B (Business to Business):

Surreality Innovations Inc. - Sub-domain home page

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