Holographics - Art and Spatial Displays by Al Razutis 2007


'Back to the Basics (Dreamtime in the ruins...' by Al Razutis 2007

Complete installation consists of steel sculpture and holographic panels.
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'Back to the Basics' by Al Razutis in production with Robin Stewart at Santana Ironworks, Mexico, March 2007

Installation shots of 'Back to the Basics' by Al Razutis at Los Zacatitos, Mexico, April-May 2007

'(Dreamtime in the ruins...' Sets & holograms by Al Razutis with Ron Olson at Laser Reflections - Las Vegas, May 2007

All images copyright 2007 Al Razutis

See Al Razutis (short bio) for summary works in holography, film-video, virtual reality and CG.

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