Component of UROBOROS by Al Razutis, 1997-1999

Allow worlds, textures, video to LOAD FULLY before navigating -- -- Full Screen


Movie-mapped and whimsically named FRACTAL 'eye of chaos', suspended between planes of sky and water, 'reflects on' the 'Template of Chaos', which contains four movie maps of fractals in motion (touch/click screen to activate).

FLY, STUDY, or GO TO VIEW using the Viewpoint advance button on the control panel of the player.

Allow MPEG-1 movie maps and audio (activated by CLICKING THE OBJECTS) to load completely before navigating.

Loading may pause while 'inline world' is imported. This is normal. (When stars move, you're ready to go.)

Touch/click screen or hot object for mpeg movie map playback with sound, or music.