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Apsara pulsed laser hologram by Al Razutis - holographic art sales page

Visual Alchemy Studio Acquires Single-Frequency CW Laser

Visual Alchemy acquires new CW single-frequence laser for holography - anaglyph 3D photo by XAR

2016 Screening of Visual Essays - Italy

Visual Essays: Origins of Film will be screened at the Pesaro Film Festival as part of Critofilm - Cinema che vede il cinema (Cinema looking at Cinema) - July 2016

Visual Essays: Origins of Film by Al Razutis

"Visual Essays: Origins of Film" was featured in a 2015 critical analysis publication the Remix age - Exhibition as Archive by Viva Paci, Film Forum, January 2016.

The original and intermediate elements for "Visual Essays: Origins of Film" are archived at
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Archive, 1313 N. Vine Street, Hollywood, California, USA

2014 Holographic Art & Projection Exhibition

Holograms by Al Razutis in Lanzhou, China

Holographic Projection see it in Stereo 3D

Past Holography Shows Photos 2D & 3D

2010 'DEJA VU' holographic art and 3D exhibition

Al Razutis and his work Newtonian Galactic Assembly Line, Surrogate Dressed for Art New Vogue, Spice Cabinet 1 on exhibition  at Deja Vu Exhibition, Vancouver, BC Canada 2010

4D Holographic Motion-Picture Projection Systems

Current Projects continuing since 2013

Holographic Projection see it in Stereo 3D

4D Holographic Motion-Picture Systems by Al Razutis (designer, project lead) is being developed by Surreality Innovations Inc. and Visual Alchemy Studio based on original R & D. This project is covered under USA Patent Pending and we're looking for investors to bring it to market. This is true holography not pseudo and comes with color and motion and sound. It is projected in space and was demonstrated to interested parties in China in 2013. Contact Al Razutis alrazutis@ymail to discuss your ivestment or partnerships interests; this is B2B and NDA will be required. Give us a call when we're acquainted.

Stereoscopic 3D films for 2016

Burning Man 2015 filmed in Stereoscopic 3D and mono by Al Razutis

Al Razutis
Burning Man 2015 in Stereo 3D

Al Razutis went to Burning Man 2015 and filmed the art, people, and various creations and events in a spontaneous setting and documented this world-famous 'anarchist art event'. These films will be released in 2016 as a single 2D film and a number of stereoscopic 3D experimental films by Razutis. More information will be coming upon each release and date, including 2016 New Fillm Release 'Scenes from Burning Man 2015' 13 min. short subject - HD & Stereoscopic 3D.

Avant-Garde Film Screenings

AAEON by Al Razutis (1970) screened at group show

Al Razutis

Al Razutis' 1970 optical printing classic AAEON was presented in a program of West-Coast Experimental Films joining other classic films and makers including Bruce Conner (Cosmic Ray, Crossroads), David Rimmer (Variations on a Cellophane Wrapper), and Pat O'Neill (7362, Runs Good) presented November 23, 2015 at The Cinematheque, Vancouver, Canada.

Legacy Virtual Worls - VRML 2.0/97

UROBOROS and related worlds in Virtual Reality Markup Language - by Al Razutis

UROBOROS VRML 2 HOME PAGE in Html by Al Razutis

These 3D Worlds were built in VRML CG 'virtual space' in natural (orthoscopic) 3D, feature video maps of touch sensitive objects and facades with music. Coded with love of adventure in virtual space. Poetic avant-garde subjects, internationally shown, with selections at the Paris 1997, and the European Media Arts Festival 2002 Germany.
VRML WORLDS UROBOROS by Razutis first premiered in North America in 1999 Vancouver, Canada at 'The Body Electric' exhibition.

Virtual Reality Worlds by Al Razutis

Histories at Visual Alchemy Studios

Film - Video - Holography - 3D & VR by Al Razutis 1972 - Present

In 1972 Vancouver Visual Alchemy Studio (Inc.) was created to pursue independent avant-garde films, synaesthetic video art, the newly emerging holographic arts and stereoscopic 3D which would later include interactive 3D VR. These pages attest to both the origins of these works and their public presence in exhibitions, education, and technological innovations.